Grand Theft Auto 4: Episodes From Liberty City
Grand Theft Auto 4: Episodes From Liberty City

GTA 4 Episodes From Liberty City

Game Description

Grand Theft Auto 4: Episodes From Liberty City For PC was released on 13 April 2010. When GTA 4 made its first look on the PC in December 2008 many players and reviewers were considerably nonplussed, us included. Rockstar wanted you to be on Video games for Windows Reside, Steam and the Rockstar Social Club all of sudden, as well as demanding a serious chunk of hardware to play the game itself due to poor optimisation. All of it seemed so unnecessarily flawed, and Rockstar primarily threw their diamond into the rough by their implementation. These episode are finally obtainable for PC in a single package deal, extending the GTA expertise with some wonderful additive content.

Episodes from Liberty City is a stand-alone disc containing new multiplayer modes and two new single-participant campaigns: The Lost & Damned and The Ballad of Homosexual Tony. Between the 2, you get more than 50 new music tracks, new radio stations and DJs, TV exhibits, vehicles, weapons and online modes. It's a hell of a deal regardless of how lengthy it's been since GTA IV got here out.

The brand new content material gives the identical recording options so you'll be able to take clips of your adventures and upload them to Rockstar Social. The multiplayer works the identical because it does in GTA IV, besides every episode's online world is self-contained. In case your friend is playing GTA IV and you might be enjoying The Lost and Damned, you will not be able to meet up. Each world has its personal set of multiplayer modes, weapons and vehicles. It would be nice if all three have been merged into one.

Grand Theft Auto 4: Episodes From Liberty City

When GTA IV launched on PC, it had some efficiency issues. A few of this has been mounted with patches, however even with a heavy obligation rig (Core i7 320 GHz, 6 GB RAM, GeForce GTX 260 with Vista 64), I nonetheless had some issues. Liberty City only seems to be spectacular with the graphics settings excessive and that also results in some framerate dips. Even on lower settings I had some framerate drops during cutscenes. When you have a robust machine, it is a beauty. If not, you will have to sacrifice various fidelity to enjoy a smooth experience.

Gta 4: The Lost and Damned takes place in Liberty Metropolis at the same time as Niko's story from GTA IV. You play as Johnny "The Jew" Klebitz, Vice President of the biker gang named The Lost. Johnny's been the de facto leader whereas the President of The Lost, Billy, has been in rehab. The story begins with Billy's launch and resumption of duties as head of the gang. This naturally leads to a conflict as Billy looks to dive nostril-first into the drug trade whereas Johnny needs The Lost to be smarter about how it handles its business. The marketing campaign, which will be overwhelmed in 8-10 hours, shouldn't be Rockstar's strongest providing, however continues to be an important experience. Johnny's not a likeable guy. He is a jerk, however not in the loveable manner of someone like, properly, me. While the story and characters aren't nice, there are moments when Johnny's story intersects with Niko's. You is perhaps shocked to discover that Johnny was a part of the GTA IV storyline all along. Getting to see pieces of the story from a different standpoint is a cool idea.

A number of essential gameplay adjustments have been made for L&D. Probably the most notable is a major tweaking of the motorcycles. Every bike handles better in L&D than in GTA IV and a wholesome quantity have been added so that there is plenty of selection available. Extra importantly, it is incredibly difficult to be thrown from your bike now. You pretty much need to run head-on into a wall to get tossed. You'll be able to bounce off medians, smack against different automobiles and just about run roughshod over Liberty City with little concern for being unseated.

Grand Theft Auto 4: Episodes From Liberty CityWhat many found an annoyance is now a fantastic asset. Not only are the bikes easy to deal with and enjoyable to experience, but they're so quick and nimble that the very thought of jacking a car in L&D makes me ill. Actually, I simply threw up in Greg Miller's lunchbox. This, in fact, must be exactly what Rockstar wanted (for bikes to be extra interesting than cars, not for me to chuck all over Miller's Lunchables). You are, in spite of everything, taking part in a biker. Being in a car is like being in a coffin.

Johnny has one major advantage over Niko he is been in the metropolis pretty much his entire life. He would not must make friends. Sure, you can name up your biker buddies to shoot some pool or play air hockey, however you don't need to with a purpose to attain their services. They're already your homeboys. Instead of measuring the strength of your friendships, The Lost and Damned measures the battle-readiness of your crew. Many of the missions in L&D have Johnny riding along with his buddies or being able to name in backup. Every member who survives positive factors expertise, which increases their most health and their preventing prowess. If someone dies, they'll be replaced by a newbie missing the experience. This makes it beneficial to assist your mates in a firefight, as protecting them alive makes them stronger and thus makes the following shootout easier.

In The Ballad of Gay Tony, you tackle the position of Luis Lopez who works for the title character. The place GTA IV star Niko Belic and Lost and Damned anti-hero Johnny Klebitz are males of little means making an attempt to rise up in the world, Luis has already made his transition from rags to riches. Tony Prince, proprietor of the biggest straight and homosexual nightclubs in Liberty Metropolis, took Luis under his wing and made him something. The Ballad of Homosexual Tony isn't about residing in squalor. You reside effectively and you work for the richest males in the city. Together with an even bigger, badder, bolder perspective, The Ballad of Homosexual Tony consists of some welcome additions. You obtain a score on the end of every mission. Once you beat the game, you possibly can replay any mission utilizing your phone and attempt a higher score. There are also 15 base jumping challenges for those who missed doing silly stuff in a GTA game. On prime of this are 25 Drug Wars side quests the place you assist your buddies from the outdated days as they try to build a drug cartel.

Grand Theft Auto 4: Episodes From Liberty City

Many of the missions take place in Algonquin, Liberty City's version of Manhattan. Though there are just a few early missions that tie into Luis' outdated life, they're throwaways and really shortly the story focuses on the problems of Gay Tony. The missions are jobs for some of the most unstable people within the metropolis, including Tony, the ridiculous Yusuf Amir, and the crazy Russian mobster, Bulgarin. Whereas there are nonetheless the standard crop of "these guys simply betrayed you, shoot your means out" GTA missions, there are a variety of others that are more over-the-high than anything in GTA IV or The Lost and Damned.

As for multiplayer, it's back and simply as strong because it was in Grand Theft Auto 4. A number of modes from GTA IV carry over deathmatch, crew deathmatch and free mode -- with others being altered to fit the ride or die lifestyle. The alterations had been all made for the higher and with access to raised bikes and better weapons, L&D multiplayer is superior to that of GTA IV. The 2 finest modes are easily Witness Protection and Chopper vs. Chopper.

Minimum System Requirements
* OS: Windows XP sp3, Vista or Windows 7
* CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 1.8 GHz, or AMD Athlon X2 64 2.4 GHz
* RAM: 1 GB for XP, 1.5 Gb for Vista
* HDD: 16 GB free disk space
* Graphics: 256 MB Graphics Memory
* Sound Card: DirectX 9 Compatible
* DirectX: Version 9.0

Recommended System Requirements
* OS: Windows XP SP3, Vista or Windows 7
* CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad 2.4 GHz, or AMD Phenom X3 2.1 GHz
* RAM: 2 GB for XP, 2.5 GB for Vista
* HDD: 18 GB free disk space
* Graphics: 512 MB Graphics Memory
* Sound Card: DirectX 9 Compatible
* DirectX: Version 9.0

GTA 4 Supported Graphics Cards:
Minimum – Nvidia 7900 / 256 MB ATI X1900
Recommended - Nvidia 8600 / 512 MB ATI 3870


Grand Theft Auto 4: Episodes From Liberty City Screenshots

Grand Theft Auto 4: Episodes From Liberty City Screenshots

Grand Theft Auto 4: Episodes From Liberty City Screenshots

Grand Theft Auto 4: Episodes From Liberty City Screenshots

Grand Theft Auto 4: Episodes From Liberty City Screenshots

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