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Published by: 2K Games
Genre: Real-Time Strategy
Release Date: April 19, 2005
Developed by: FireFly Studios

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Game Description

Stronghold 2 GameStronghold 2 is the follow-up to a game that holds a really fond place in my heart. I am a turtler by nature. I wish to construct impenetrable bases and watch the enemyshatter on a lethal shell of defenses and then stick my neck out to bite the hell out of no matter is left. The Stronghold sequence performs to that choice and due to this fact fight is tailor-made to the defensive. Stronghold 2 additionally brings a system of financial and citizen mood administration with it. The management is not rotten at the core, however it is sluggish and isn't rewarding enough on its own to help the game succeed. The fight portions of the gameare equally as flat and unrewarding creating an all around mediocre gaming experience.

Both elements are presented to gamers within the form of campaigns. Gamers can stroll the Path of Peace or the Path of War. Peace sets a campaign of financial technique and metropolis constructing, which are centered on points of city life. As an illustration, peasants have to eat and want a place to sleep. In turn, they'll work their sorry little asses off on your betterment. Other than the very basics, peasants also should be saved happy. This consists of offering a clean atmosphere freed from illness ridden rats and gong, low crime, religion, and beer. In fact, with the intention to have beer you will want barley, breweries, and an inn. In an effort to have religion, you'll need bees, candle makers, and a church (God is aware of you may't have church without candles). Protecting crime down is the trickier thing. Some of your staff will suddenly, for no comprehensible cause, turn to crime. No matter how comfortable your castle is, somebody is at all times looking for the short manner out. What's particularly irritating is that the frequency is ramped up in certain portions of the campaign. Generally, before one in every of my weapon smiths (who appear to have the highest rate of crime despite having what might be one of most well respected and highest paid jobs within the metropolis) even gets to the job after converting from a peasant, he is off attempting to steal things. Why are these guys so upset? I have no idea.

The worst thing in regards to the happiness ranking in Stronghold 2 Game is that for those who overlook to put an essential employee (say a gong farmer or hawker), your citizens will begin getting upset whilst you're off making an attempt to save your city from rampaging bandits that your trained spearmen can't seem to handle. On their own, unhappy citizens would be effective as they encourage you to create wholesome cities from the get go. The issue is that there is not any real warning system in place to inform you that your citizens are angry or any form of time table that tells you when they'll begin leaving. You will come back to your town from directing a battle to seek out your entire residents have abandoned you, leaving your fort worthless. It is not like it's a gradual trickle out of the fort you can reverse with a little little bit of work. It is a mass exodus.

Stronghold 2 Game

In Stronghold 2 Game, you might have a lord who presides over a keep. Peasants will flock to your keep so long as they're stored happy. Happiness depends on several elements, including how well they eat, the quantity of rats in your castle, and whether or not you present entertainment for them. You'llcollect numerous assets to put in your storehouse, and industry staff can take these assets to create advanced gadgets, like bread, ale, and weapons. Nevertheless, there are no difficult manufacturing bushes, so do not expect an intricate economic sim game. Stronghold 2 Game is designed so you can deal with increase your fort and elevating an army.

There are a couple of points with the gameplay which can be value noting. You can't shut off just one building. You must either shut down all the business or promote the building. For example, if you build three lumber camps but only want two to operate at a given second, it's important to sell the third camp. Additionally, a few of your staff will, now and again, turn to crime, thus abandoning the industry during which they were working. And, sadly, you can't shift a employee from one industry to the abandoned one. This poses an issue when the deserted post is critical, corresponding to your gong pit. If your gong pit employee leaves his put up, and you don't notice, gong will pile up, and your peasants shall be unhappy. For those who're already on the breaking level of happiness/unhappiness, folks will start leaving the fort (and, thus, they will begin to go away different critical industries), placing you in a feedback loop it's possible you'll never get better from. These are micromanagement issues you should not need to face. Extra alerts for when important posts get abandoned would have been a giant help.

There are two campaigns in Stronghold 2 PC Game. They're what you'd expect. The peace campaign focuses on financial missions. The king is displeased together with his vassals, so you should step up and repair the economic system of his nation. You'll concentrate on gathering a set variety of resources in a mission with out worry of being sieged. The most fighting you will see is towards bandits or wolves. Because the economic portion of the game is pretty fundamental, this campaign can be boring in case you anticipate heavy micromanagement. The battle campaign, then again, throws you into missions the place you not solely must construct up your fort, but in addition assault an enemy or defend your lands. The storyline of the war campaign is weak as a consequence of boring cutscenes and poor voice acting, however the missions are structured nicely. Some technique games may be repetitive as a result of it's a must to rebuild a base every time you start a new mission. In Stronghold 2, every mission is divided into a number of submissions played on the identical map. Because of this, you do not have to rebuild a castle every time you begin a new objective.
Stronghold 2 Game

The 2 campaigns aren't notably challenging. The peace marketing campaign can have some tricky conditions, but you're not going to burst your mind making an attempt to figure out the right way to win. The struggle marketing campaign is a cakewalk, especially once you discover the constraints of the AI. You will have to restart a couple of missions, however you may quickly notice that the pc follows the same technique each time. Whether you are defending or attacking, you will not discover a worthy opponent within the AI.

City building generally may also be odd. You can't place storehouses wherever you need, nor are you able to tell sure buildings to take their merchandise to sure places. They'll automatically take it to the closest constructing, which might not always suit your purposes best. Some buildings will be rotated, while others cannot. Forests also cannot be clear reduce to make room for more trade, which might be extremely annoying considering fortress partitions and buildings merely pop into existence upon a whim.

When you full the campaigns, which may take round 15 to 20 hours, there's loads to keep you occupied, should you so desire. You possibly can play a free-construct mode, the place you just build up your economy and chateau with no objectives. Kingmaker is the skirmish mode the place you square off towards computer or human opponents in multiplayer. Single-participant skirmish suffers from the same faults as above, however multiplayer has much more to supply in terms of strategy and castle development. Human opponents can use the pretty giant variety of units and siege weapons to formulate counterstrategies that make gameplay far more rewarding. You can play multiplayer using a LAN or the in-game browser, which is rudimentary but will get the job done. Sadly, multiplayer can be buggy, though. In a single game, we had been out of the blue dropped to the primary menu. In one other game, it appeared that all three of our opponents had been dropped without warning. We didn't even notice till it grew to become obvious that one in every of our siege victims wasn't responding to our attacks.

Stronghold 2 System Requirements

Minimum Requirements
OS: Win98SE/ME/2000/XP
CPU: 1.4Ghz
RAM: 256Mb
Graphics: 32Mb (GeForce2 MX upwards)
DirectX: 9.0c
Disc space: 2.5GB

Recommended System Requirements:
OS: Win98SE/ME/2000/XP
CPU: 2.0Ghz
RAM: 512Mb
Graphics: 64Mb
DirectX: 9.0c
Disc space: 2.5GB
Internet play: Broadband connection recommended

 Stronghold 2 Screenshots 

Stronghold 2 Game Screenshots

Stronghold 2 Game Screenshots

Stronghold 2 Game Screenshots

Stronghold 2 Game Screenshots

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